About us

About us

Redstone Harley-Davidson® is a place where we hang our helmets, spend time, and share our experiences and knowledge with other men and women who share our love for Harley-Davidsons® and motorcycling. It may be our way of life, but we welcome you to join it.

To be part of Harley-Davidson® is to be part of a family, an exclusive group of enthusiasts who appreciate the unique character, heritage and even the sound of these machines. Here at Redstone Harley-Davidson®, we have a sense of commitment that simply doesn't exist anywhere else. You can see the result of that commitment on the smiling faces of people at our events, the folks sporting our t-shirts, and that same smile stuck on the faces of the people who pass through our doors each day.

Bang the famous "Redstone Harley-Davidson® gong"! We have a little tradition here at Redstone Harley-Davidson®, and we invite all new bike owners to pick up the mallet and bang our gong to celebrate their new purchase. It serves as a symbol of joining the Harley-Davidson® family!

There are many additional benefits that set Redstone Harley-Davidson® apart from other dealerships. For example, we have the only free to use event room in the state! It's called the "Redstone Roadhouse®", and it's design and purpose is to be a springboard for community activities, motorcycle rides, and your club or organization's activities. We keep a current event board right outside the Roadhouse area, which is constantly updated with local bike events. To see what else is going on, please check out our monthly events in our calendar on this website as well as our Facebook events. Don't forget with every service appointment at Redstone Harley-Davidson® you receive a free bike wash! Not only will we get you back out on two (or three!) wheels, we make sure you look good doing it! We also have our Dyno service which will ensure that your bike is performing at it's very best. Unlike most stores, our Dyno is built with customers as spectators in mind. It's right there visible from the showroom floor.

Whether you are a regular customer or just passing through the area, our doors are always open. We welcome the opportunity to show you the finest variety in Harley-Davidson® clothing, novelty items, parts and accessories. Be sure not to miss out on our full line of brand new Harley-Davidson® models and not to mention our large stock of pre-owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycles too! Come and experience Redstone Harley-Davidson®. We've been "more than just the ride" for years here locally!

At Redstone Harley-Davidson® you can anticipate 100% customer satisfaction every time you step through our doors. We hire and train our staff to expect and give nothing less! We offer a full menu of Harley® products as well as our riding motorcycle academy training.